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Van ride from London to Leeds with Mark, Foon, Annalea, Chris, Scott, and Anna went very smooth. We stopped to get a giant atlas and look at novelty personalized coffee cups along the way. Mark drives a standard like Andretti. A couple pics:

Holy Trinity Church. Huge and filled with beers.

Foon watched the previous act with intrigue and confusion.

Woodpigeon. Right-o.

All music, like.


Next up, Edinburgh. Hope to post again soon.


A trip to Edinburgh in May

I'm taking a trip to Edinburgh on May 2nd. Woodpigeon european vacation 2010

A trip to Leeds in May

I took a trip to Leeds on May 1st. Woodpigeon european vacation 2010

Old rolls

Cleared out the drawer and took the remnants to get processed. Here are a few:

our condo in Calgary. Well, not ours anymore. 

Last roadtrip to Regina. I drove. And shot a weak pano. Not sure how I managed to get my own headrest in there.

I love very many things about this photo.

Marta doing her best impression of a prairie town on the horizon.

Wilkosz and Way

Photo of my friend standing beside a painting of himself. 


Woodpigeon European Vacation 2010

I have been lucky enough, after much cajoling, to be allowed on the majority of Woodpigeon's european spring 2010 tour. I will be following around this guy...

and trying to make photos and videos of him and his band. Interesting photos, I should clarify. 

My intent is to post something nearly every day of this tour, which starts tomorrow (May 1). It goes something like, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, Manchester (again), London, Paris, Brussels, Tunbridge Wells, then back to London. The beautiful and delightful Miss Coe will be joining on the Paris-Brussels leg, which should be ridiculously fun.